A simple act of kindness CAN change the world. An endless ripple can be created that lasts beyond our lifetime by simply showing someone that you care.

Wear your Compass bracelet, register its unique tag number on our website, share your story and when you are given the opportunity, pass it along to someone to continue the chain of love. Then, login anytime to see where your bracelet has gone, how many lives it has touched and the stories that become a part of your bracelets extraordinary journey. Let your Compass Bracelet be a reminder to you and everyone who wears it to follow your heart, take chances, find the good in the world, spread love and make the world a better place.

Your heart is your greatest compass in this journey we call life… it will show you how to be kind, it will teach you how to love, it will encourage you to take chances, it will find light on the darkest of days and it will lead you on a beautiful journey called life.

Our bracelets are handcrafted using cork leather with brass hardware. We specifically chose this material as it brings no harm to any trees or animals, it’s totally animal and earth friendly! If we are going to make the world a better place we figured we should do it in as many ways possible.

A percentage of the profits from each bracelet will be donated to a selected charity. We want to support many different causes and help as many people around the globe as possible. Please check our Giving Back page to see where the funds are going right now and how we have already started changing lives.

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